2 Ways to Challenge Your Gut Feel

This week is Data Driven Business Week in San Francisco. In the spirit of making data-driven decisions, check out these 2 fun sites to test your “gut feel.”

Which Test Won

If you’ve been reading Get Elastic for any length of time, you know I love this site. Every week a new A/B test is posted (you can subscribe by email) for your voting pleasure.


This is a new site, and rather than weekly installments, it’s a quiz-like assessment of your conversion prediction skills.

I’ll be back next week with some highlights from Conversion Conference and Affiliate Management Days, part of Data Driven Business Week.

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One Response to “2 Ways to Challenge Your Gut Feel”

  1. MerryWhy says:

    Great recommendations Linda!

    I am already familiar with Which Test Won, but Conversion Skills is new to me, and also looks very useful.

    For me, Which Test Won is a good reminder that my perception (and those of merchants) can often be very different from a typical user. It’s easy to fall into that assumption.

    Which Test Won will note this in its study descriptions as well: “These results surprised us, we assumed… As marketers, you know it is important to reduce distraction in the cart, but this test highlights the importance of testing what your visitors find distracting.”

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