RueLaLa Uses Calendar-to-Action in Emails

I spotted vente privee (private sale) e-tailer RueLaLa inviting members to add upcoming “boutiques” (private sale events) to their Outlook calendars in an email:

Offering reminder service works very well for vente privee because it is first come, first served until the boutique sells out.

I’m thinking this would work very well for retailers who want to give a sneak preview for deal-of-day offers — providing the additional customer service of reminding customers to come back when the deal of day is something they want — either through email, Outlook calendar or even SMS and Twitter.

There’s also potential for alerting when new product is available, like the release of an album, video game or movie (provided they are guaranteed to arrive a certain day).

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7 Responses to “RueLaLa Uses Calendar-to-Action in Emails”

  1. hi, Linda, how are you doing? great post!

    I’ve done this before when promoting events & it seemed to work really well.

    One useful note: Those calendar links are usually files (vcs files if I remember right). It’s worth putting them behind a redirect with tracking so that you can see how much they’re used.

    I hope life’s good!


  2. I think this would work out well if retailers chose to give their customers a sneak peek on upcoming sales. Customers would want to know about exclusive deals and when they are available so they could save some money. By giving customers the option to send them a reminder it would make customers come back to that site over and over again. It’s too bad that RueLaLa is invite only because I would love to see what kind of sales they have.

  3. Really good idea. Especially for blogs. Reminding people about sales, webinars or special events.

  4. Daniel says:

    We also use this for events that are time or date-specific.
    It’s an .ics file that adds a reminder to many Calendar programs.

    What I don’t like about this promo is the use of ‘Outlook’. Not everyone uses this, .ics is a supported file formal by many Calendar programs, not just Outlook. It’s like saying ‘open Explorer’ when you mean ‘open your browser’. It just helps the Microsoft monopoly, making customers think that Outlook is the only calendar program. ‘Add to my calendar’ would of been a more appropriate wording.

    • @Daniel,
      This is a tough one. The icon for Outlook is easily recognizable and that’s a positive, but non-Outlookers like me might not know that it launches your default calendar. I clicked it and it launched my iCal for Mac. It could also have launched Entourage if that were my default. But “clarity trumps persuasion.” Perhaps an “Add to my Calendar” link just below the icon would suffice?

  5. upcoming “boutiques”to their Outlook calendars in an email, worth having a try.

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