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Bio: As head of consumer research with Elastic Path’s Research and Strategy division, Amanda Dhalla helps global enterprises like Google better understand consumer behavior in order to optimize their digital offerings. Amanda’s research has been cited by CNN, Econsultancy, Smart Money, and Internet Retailer. A seasoned ecommerce professional with more than 14 years in the field, Amanda has hands-on experience marketing, merchandising and managing multimillion dollar online stores. Her areas of specialization range from market research, conversion optimization and analytics to traffic generation tactics such as social media, search engine optimization, and content marketing.


One Size Does Not Fit All in a Digital World

As mentioned in our Monday post, digital disruption is occurring in gaming, video, music, and numerous other verticals. Rapid consumer adoption of service-enabled devices like smartphones and tablets connected to the Internet has led to a crop of innovative ...

Digital Disruption Is Happening, Get Ready To Adapt!

In 2010, 43% of American adults owned more than 3 devices connected to the Internet, according to Forrester Research’s North American Technographics Consumer Technology Survey. Connected devices include things like game consoles, laptops, tablets, and ...

5 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Site Matters More Than Ever

Every ecommerce manager already knows that having a poor website is a major problem. And it can really bite during the critical holiday season which represents anywhere between 20–40% of annual sales. But for those who need a little numerical validation, ...

Virtual Goods Mean Real Money This Holiday Season

Amid economic uncertainty in the U.S., many shoppers will hold back on spending this holiday season. Research firm Kantar Retail predicts that overall retail sales will increase just 2.8%, half the 2010 rate. E-retail sales will grow 13.5% compared with ...

8 Quick ‘n’ Dirty Tools to Beat Site Abandonment This Holiday

Looking for ways to plug a leaky conversion funnel without blowing your budget? Here are 8 low cost, free, and free trial tools to help you drive down site abandonment as holiday spending kicks off in earnest: 1. Crazy Egg Crazy Egg offers up simple usability ...
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