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Bio: As head of consumer research with Elastic Path’s Research and Strategy division, Amanda Dhalla helps global enterprises like Google better understand consumer behavior in order to optimize their digital offerings. Amanda’s research has been cited by CNN, Econsultancy, Smart Money, and Internet Retailer. A seasoned ecommerce professional with more than 14 years in the field, Amanda has hands-on experience marketing, merchandising and managing multimillion dollar online stores. Her areas of specialization range from market research, conversion optimization and analytics to traffic generation tactics such as social media, search engine optimization, and content marketing.

The End of Bricks and Mortar Retail As We Know It

I recently returned from’s Annual Summit in Boston where two keynote speeches really got me thinking about the future of digital commerce and bricks and mortar retail in North America. The first was called Google Insights on Local, Mobile, ...

Meet Me at!

Just a quick note: I’ll be a Doctor Is In website expert at the upcoming Annual Summit in Boston on September 13 and 14. Register to get a free website critique (there are still a couple of slots available), or just drop by and say hi. About ...
People using a black desktop computer

PC Gaming: Making it Easier to Find, Try, Buy, and Play Titles

Gamers know what titles they want to buy and are willing to jump through hoops to get them, right? That may have been true 5 years ago but with the spread of online casual and social titles, gaming has gone from hardcore to mainstream. According to The ...

Digital Distribution Revolutionizing PC Gaming

US game sales total approximately $16 billion, with unit sales of digitally distributed titles now surpassing physical purchases, according to The NPD Group. Following similar trends in the music and movie industries, game buyer preferences are shifting ...
ROI of conversion testing

Putting Your Best Site Forward: Making the Case for Testing

Most ecommerce managers and marketers agree that one of the fastest ways to increase ecommerce sales is to optimize website pages. Yet many have trouble getting their organization on board and gaining the budget and executive support needed to move beyond ...
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