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Bio: As head of consumer research with Elastic Path’s Research and Strategy division, Amanda Dhalla helps global enterprises like Google better understand consumer behavior in order to optimize their digital offerings. Amanda’s research has been cited by CNN, Econsultancy, Smart Money, and Internet Retailer.A seasoned ecommerce professional with more than 14 years in the field, Amanda has hands-on experience marketing, merchandising and managing multimillion dollar online stores. Her areas of specialization range from market research, conversion optimization and analytics to traffic generation tactics such as social media, search engine optimization, and content marketing.

Up and down arrows

A/B and Multivariate Test Validity: Beware of Bad Data!

According to the 2011 Marketing Sherpa Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report, 40% of the over 2,000 marketers surveyed did not calculate the statistical significance of A/B and multivariate test results in 2010. 40%! That’s a big chunk of marketers. Clearly, ...

7 Takeaways From Optimization Summit 2011

Freshly back from the Marketing Sherpa / Marketing Experiments Optimization Summit 2011 on conversion testingin steamy Atlanta, I felt compelled to share the juiciest takeaways with you readers. Many of these look like common sense – or stuff we learned ...
Amazon Kindle's ice and fire

Publishers’ Love-Hate Relationship with Amazon: How Publishers Can Compete

Two news stories emerged out of Amazon’s ebook business this month that are causing heart palpitations in old school publishers. The first is the revelation that Amazon is now selling more ebooks than print books. The second is the company’s hire ...
Amazon Kindle with print books

The Ebook Revolution: 3 Emerging Payment Models

With ebook sales expected to triple to $2.8 billion USD by 2015, according to Forrester Research, new opportunities are opening up for publishers, booksellers, and device makers, while creating pressure to evolve outdated processes and business models. ...
A man climbing a dollar sign

Publishers: Peep over the Paywall!

How can newspapers, magazines and other paid content providers sell their wares to consumers used to paying little or nothing for content? One suggestion: look beyond slashing prices and building airtight paywalls to other payment models, according to ...
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