Bloggers Digest – 11/30/07

Link Digest IconToday kicks off a weekly tradition (though definitely not original) here at Get Elastic. Every Friday I will be posting a Blogger’s Digest that recognizes outstanding content from around the web of interest to ecommerce marketers, managers, bloggers and SEO-types to give you some rainy day reading for the weekend (especially if you’re in Vancouver/Seattle).

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  • Aaron and Giovanna Wall put together a nice little SEO Guide for Bloggers including keyword research, analytics and marketing, w00t!

    SEO for a blog is different than SEO for most other websites, largely because of the social elements baked into blogging technology. SEO for blogs is less about buying links or tricking inadequate search technology. SEO for blogs is more focused on giving people something to talk about and creating something worthy of attention.

  • Google’s Spam Terminator Matt Cutts resurrects his video blogging with a thorough explanation on how the search engine snippet works.

    Via Google Webmaster Central Blog, but you can find a bunch more archived at SEOBook.

  • Creditorweb offers a hack for PPC advertisers who want to make a little money back exploiting credit card loopholes.

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    3 Responses to “Bloggers Digest – 11/30/07”

    1. eCopt says:


      Thanks for the mention, I really enjoyed digging into the PayPal Labs and checking out their blog, it’s looking like it will shape into a great developer playground in the near future.

      Also, great roundup. Hadn’t seen a few of those, particularly the Grokdotcom, Better Retail and eComm Cache posts, so thanks for sharing.

      My favorites are Rand’s list, Sam from BazaarVoice and I always enjoy Justin’s lists, so that one too!


    2. @ eCopt,

      You bet. There’s just simply way too much great content out there to consume, I’m finding it a delightful challenge trying to keep up with it.

    3. This is a brief squib about another segment of this site, merchandising. With eCommerce, how do you merchandise when in theory, merchandising is arranging goods for the best aesthetic look possible. That might be a good idea for a class for someone to teach. Virtual aesthetic merchandising on an eCommerce product web site. That is a mouthful. I would imagine at this point in the still relatively new field of eCommerce, I say new because stores and shops have been around for thousands of years and the at best thirty year old eCommerce is just a drop in the sales bucket. The best way is manufacturer, style, and price. Virtual aesthetic merchandising, film at eleven!

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