Bloggers Digest – 6/20/08

A couple announcements before we dive into the link pool…

Our webinar replay for Ecommerce Innovations: What’s Now & What’s Next is up, check it out if you missed the call yesterday. You can also check out the Coles Notes version on the blog, or print it out for future reference.

All right, on with the links…I blame the large number of SEO related articles on the full moon, but they’re all quality.

  • It was an honor for Get Elastic to appear on the Wall Street Journal’s list of 15 Entrepreneur Blogs Worth Reading. If you’ve got some room in your RSS reader, you may find some new feeds to gobble from this list.
  • I’ve been planning a post on pagination for a while, but Blue Acorn beat me to the punch with a fantastic explanation of the SEO impact of pagination (splitting your category pages into Page 1, 2, 3 and so on), your technical options and a recommended solution. Bookmark this one.

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6 Responses to “Bloggers Digest – 6/20/08”

  1. Thanks for pointing out our article Linda. It’s an important issue that’s been a long time coming from us as well.

  2. You bet. I think that information will help a lot of people.

    From a usability perspective, I personally HATE pagination, if it’s a necessary evil, then include a “View All” link, in my opinion.

  3. I liked the link to the 6 Tips for Long Term SEO.

    The biggest mistake that I see people make is only worrying about optimizing their home page. Most people can increase their home page rank and traffic ten fold just by writing one blog a day.

    Keith Brando
    “The Facebook of Small Business”

  4. I wouldn’t call optimizing the home page a mistake…depends what you mean by optimize. If you mean stuff with keywords I agree, you can overdo it. But blog content may not make sense on your home page and may not have the right keywords. I think it makes sense for certain e-shops to optimize the home page for the most general keyword and the rest of the pages for more focused ones. But it depends case by case – how competitive is the market etc.

    I’m interested if you have any examples for driving traffic through blogging for retailers, I am so curious if that traffic converts. There’s a lot of talk about e-tailers blogging and I haven’t heard of too many getting sales results.

  5. Thanks for including my post about the AdWords tax. Also, congratulations on the mention in the WSJ blog. That’s impressive!

  6. I also agree on the “View All” link for any site that has pagination. In fact, on our first project working with one of the eCommerce software vendors we work with, BV Commerce, we noticed that there was not an “All” link and we also noticed the issue with page 1 being a different URL than…. well, page 1 (as in /category and /category?page=1 being the same thing). This was one of the first customizations we made to the software and other partners actually insisted we were wrong for doing this because of usability (stemming from performance issues). But I stick by our guns in insisting it makes the site incredibly more useful. Especially when you look at data from Nielson indicating that a large majority of users do not even click past page 3!

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