Bloggers Digest – 6/6/08

A whole week without getting hacked, that’s good news! And here’s some great news for e-mail marketers, Sitebrand’s offering a FREE webinar on June 26 called Email Marketing: That Was Then, This is Now. Be there, or be square, as they say.

Plus, the Email Experience Council’s put together a new report: The Retail Email Rendering Benchmark Study. The EEC tracked over 100 top online retailers, examining their emails with images on and off. Click the link to read the executive summary which includes some interesting statistics from the research.

  • Have you Me’d all over yourself so bad you are now swimming in a sea of irrelevance? Break the cycle with Robert Gorell’s How to Avoid Marketing To You.

  • Will Critchlow’s The World Series Spidering Problem addresses the “catch” of using Geo-IP delivery when you want to rank well in a Google engine other than the .com. Google’s new guidelines for what constitutes cloaking and how Googlebot’s US citizenship can bugger up your local rankings in, for example, if you’re not seen as UK-enough for the local engine. Fantastic tips here.

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3 Responses to “Bloggers Digest – 6/6/08”

  1. Glad you liked my post, Linda!

    In case you didn’t see, Brian Clark wrote a follow-up post (“The Five Elements of Effective Social Media Marketing“) over at Copyblogger.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for the acknowledgement Linda … glad you liked it!

  3. Google has been doing the automated matching for a while now and it really gets me. I’ve seen accounts not even close to hitting daily limits, then a measure is taken to optimize/reduce spend (like turning off ads during weekends) only to see the cost never come down. Google magically figures out a way to keep the spend at about the same level. Some of the matching is horrendous.

    As for Yahoo forcing an opt-OUT…! Isn’t that like saying “you owe me a million bucks unless you request otherwise”?!

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