Bloggers Digest – 7/11/08

If you’re new here (maybe you followed the link from Marketing Pilgrim or found us through a search engine today), every Friday we link out to others, but if you’re looking for the best of Get Elastic, you can check out the Best of the Blog to your right, or check out Why Ecommerce is a Lot Like ICanHasCheezburger which links to my favorite posts organized by topic. This should keep you busy for a while, and if you like our stuff, please subscribe!

Okay, without further ado, here are the links for the week:

  • If you’re jonesing for even more ecommerce posts, the German hit Exciting Commerce has launched an English edition, highlighting new business models and emerging markets in ecommerce.
  • Tom Lindmeier, Get Elastic reader, blogger friend and former director of e-commerce for a Top 500 retailer is available for e-mail marketing consulting. Thought you might be interested…

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2 Responses to “Bloggers Digest – 7/11/08”

  1. Linda, congrats on a well deserved win. I may have not found your excellent blog otherwise. By the way, love your link love graphic. This comment does sound kinda kissup but I hope Andy told you of the tradition of the SEM Scholarship winner buying beer at SES. Uh oh, he must have forgot about it. Have fun and hope to meet you there.

  2. Thanks David

    Oh no, now I’m scared, what have I gotten myself into?!!

    Are you aware that each ounce of alcohol kills 100 dendrites in your brain – permanently? True, we have gazillions of dendrites, but most of us need every dendrite we can get :D

    Should I be held responsible for the murder of 10,000 dendrites?

    I’ll be sure to apply the $50 Amazon credit to the beer. I’m buying the discount beer and I predict that will be the end of the tradition!

    But seriously, glad you liked the blog and the graphic. For these kind words, you get a Stella, or comparable brew of equal value.

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