Bounce Rate Demystified [Infographic]

This week’s installment of Infographic Friday is courtesy of KISSmetrics. A question I’ve often been asked is “what should my bounce rate be?” And of course, the pat consultant answer is “it depends.”

According to this data, the average bounce rate is 40%, which is interesting. But whether your target bounce rate should be 40%, 30% or 15% depends on your industry, what type of page (home page, product page, which product, etc), and even what traffic source or referring keyword.

This infographic shows you visually how various industries can vary in average bounce rate, for example, along with some tips on how you can move the needle in the right direction on your own pages.

Original source: KISSmetrics blog

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3 Responses to “Bounce Rate Demystified [Infographic]”

  1. I am not sure I agree with the section above on Improving Bounce Rate. It is more of “fix the page” approach and not “correct the source”.
    I see Bounce rate as a measure of effectiveness of marketing campaigns (or sources of traffic) and not necessarily the page itself.

    Inherently, bounce rate talks about entries to the page. Some of which we control, some we do not. So, looking at an aggregate metric across all sources of traffic is not the right approach.

    I wrote a small post on Bounce Rate some time back where I elaborate on the above.

    ~Subhash Surampudi

  2. I was wondering about the source of the numbers and when reading the comments on KISSmetrics I found Derek Monteverdi reference the 6 years old source from a consultant clearly stating the numbers to “be taken with a huge pinch of salt”.

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