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9 Freemium Mistakes to Avoid

We’ve heard the success stories. Pandora rakes in $50 million in revenue with less than 1% of users paying a dime. Evernote converts 5% of users. Angry Birds makes more money off free Android versions than paid. The freemium business model is its ...
A man playing a game on a cell phone

Mobile Games: The Economics of Freemium [Infographic]

Who creates a game only to give it away for free? Where’s the $$ in that? The freemium business model is taking over — an estimated 65% of revenue generated by the 100 top grossing apps in the App Store, and an estimated 72% of total App Store ...

One Size Does Not Fit All in a Digital World

As mentioned in our Monday post, digital disruption is occurring in gaming, video, music, and numerous other verticals. Rapid consumer adoption of service-enabled devices like smartphones and tablets connected to the Internet has led to a crop of innovative ...
Amazon Kindle with print books

The Ebook Revolution: 3 Emerging Payment Models

With ebook sales expected to triple to $2.8 billion USD by 2015, according to Forrester Research, new opportunities are opening up for publishers, booksellers, and device makers, while creating pressure to evolve outdated processes and business models. ...
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