Using Buzzillions to Brainstorm Personas

To follow up on yesterday’s post on using customer reviews to improve product descriptions, which recommends you use Buzzillions‘ Review Snapshot feature to scan the pros, cons and best uses of products as reported by customers…

Buzzillions has another cool feature you can use to brainstorm customer personas.

Simply navigate to a product category that you carry, and check out the “See Reviews From These Types of Users” box.



Retail Store Supplies

GPS Devices

To get inside your persona’s head, you can scan reviews and pick out the ones written by type of customer (unfortunately you can’t just view reviews by customer type once you click through, rather you see all the reviews):

You can then apply your customer insight to product pages, email campaigns, buyer guides and other marketing activities.

*Want more information on personas? Check out FutureNow’s GrokDotCom and the Invesp blog, or check out our webinars 7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Holiday Conversion Rate and Jon Stewart or Oprah: What’s Your Website Personality?

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3 Responses to “Using Buzzillions to Brainstorm Personas”

  1. Once again, great tip! Where does this seemingly infinite supply of knowledge come from? :)

  2. [...] Explaining our approach to customer reviews is an ongoing struggle for us, and Get Elastic did a really great job in summarizing the unique value to our reviews. [...]

  3. Matt says:

    Buzzilions is a good way to find description on real “touchable product” but if you look for hosting review, or others e-product the case is different.

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