Feeling Abandoned? Shopper Leaves Cart in Crazy Ecommerce Video #7

Everyone gets distracted when shopping online. That’s one of the nice things about shopping via the web – you can take a phone call, refill your coffee, walk the dog, quick nap in the hammock … then come back and your order is still there. The flip side of this scenario is the theme of sorts for Crazy, Messed-up World of Ecommerce video #7 “Abandoned.”

Video #7 – Abandoned

For online retailers though, abandoned carts are the root of endless worry and concern. These conversion killers piling up in your logs beg questions like: Why did they leave? Were they just comparing prices or features or is it something I did? Maybe there’s something wrong with my site’s usability! How can I make it better? How can I get them back? How can I raise my conversion rates? Would adding “wishlists” or “saved cart” features reduce cart abandonment? and so on …

Well for sure usability is important and certainly retailers loathe leaving money on the table, but sometimes, cart abandonment just happens. Just hope they come back, right?

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2 Responses to “Feeling Abandoned? Shopper Leaves Cart in Crazy Ecommerce Video #7”

  1. Checkout abandonment rates are such a key factor in a businesses overall conversion rates that I have posted an article on the business benefits of user testing.

    Having worked as lead user experience designer at Littlewoods Shop Direct for over 6 years, and now working with both SME’s and blue chips, it still shocks me as to the budget (or lack of) allocated to user testing, in particular for such an important area as checkout.

    Naturally if the user suddenly gets another invite on Facebook for instance, another 1 is added to the abandoned statistic, but that now what we’re concerned with here!

    Keep up the vids!


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