With shopping cart abandonment rates averaging 80% and above for many ecommerce sites, cart recovery tactics and strategies are key to “saving sales” that may otherwise be lost. Through email, site retargeting and on-site personalization, learn best practices and explore case studies of this effective and under-used tactic. To keep up to speed with shopping cart recovery strategies and remarketing, subscribe to Get Elastic via RSS, email, Twitter or Facebook.

Does Price Influence Cart Abandonment? You Better Believe It

Averages often shroud insights, which is why we should always apply segmentation to our data analysis. A fantastic example of this is recent findings by by Seewhy, which analyzed 264,631 abandoned carts and found a very strong relationship between the ...

8 Tips for Recovering Abandoned Shopping Carts

What is the biggest missed opportunity in ecommerce optimization? Is it A/B testing? Performance testing? How about cart recovery? We put a lot of focus on optimizing the cart, getting the customer through to conversion, yet still it’s not uncommon ...
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