7 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App from Your Mobile Site

Developing an ecommerce app is less than half the battle – promoting it is key to getting actual downloads. It’s a no-brainer to use your mobile website to do this, but how you promote your mobile app can have a positive or negative impact ...

Optimization Testing Within Branding Constraints

Last post Chris Goward, author of You Should Test That joined us to answer the tough questions on A/B testing. In his book, Chris also shares a landing page case study from B2B software vendor SAP that’s a great example of working within branding ...

Test Your Gut: 3 AB Tests from the Gaming Industry

If you’re passionate about A/B testing, you’re likely familiar with the site WhichTestWon, a weekly showcase of A/B testing examples from a variety of industries with a twist – you get to test your own “gut feel” and predict ...

Should You Show Cart Totals In Checkout?

I recently listened in on a web clinic from Marketing Experiments titled Optimizing Shopping Carts for the Holidays. One of the case studies presented was particularly intriguing. If you read the title of this post you guessed the subject of the test ...

Removing This Design Element Improved CTR by 27%

Search filters are a critical UX feature to ecommerce sites. The larger your product assortment, the more necessary they are. But how you display the features may be helping or hurting your conversion rates. This week’s WhichTestWon feature test ...
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