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Conversion Rate Optimization: Rethinking the HIPPO

If you’ve been reading marketing and analytics blogs, you’ve likely encountered the acronym HiPPO (including our own blog). This affectionate term describes either the “Higest Paid Person’s Opinion” or the “Higest Paid ...
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Should You Test Prices Online?

There is a pricing sweet spot to maximize profit (not necessarily conversion rate) for each of your products. Unfortunately, without testing methods, it’s very difficult to determine how to optimally price your products online. Is A/B or multivariate ...

Good-Bye Google Website Optimizer: What This Means for Conversion Testing

Did you hear the news? Google is retiring its website optimizer product, replacing it with Google Analytics Content Experiments. What does this mean for conversion optimization? I asked website optimization expert Rich Page to weigh in on the changes: I ...

6 CAPTCHA Alternatives to Improve Conversion

CAPTCHA is more than a catchy name, it’s an acronym — Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. But in practical terms, CAPTCHAs are often Consistently Annoying, and Prevent The Conversion from Happening A-Lot. ...
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How Bounce Rate Optimization Can Improve Your Search Rankings

Straight from Google’s Quality Guidelines comes the mantra for the white-hat SEO community: “Build your site for users, not search engines.” And Google means it. The search giant disclosed its latest algorithm update includes page layout ...
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