Why Weather-Driven Personalization is Hot Hot Hot

An estimated $3 trillion worth of private sector business is driven by the weather, and thanks to climate change, the traditional four-season model is not a reliable predictor of sales. The good news is big data can forecast weather-dependent product ...

Why Personalization Is Doomed Without Strategy

Personalization. You might define it as delivering the right content / products / offers, at the right time to the right customers… Of course, it’s easy for marketing gurus to preach, and vendors to promise – but in reality, personalization without ...

Commerce in the Age of Innovation: The Necessity of Cohesive Requirements Gathering

As new touchpoints and degrees of context continue to rise, one trend is clear in this new economy — things are looking good for the Chief Marketing Officer. As Samuel Greengard, Contributing Writer to writes: Digital marketing consumes ...

Direct to Consumers: How Brands and Manufacturers Execute Digital Strategy

When a brand or manufacturer fails to execute a strong digital strategy, it risks falling short of customer expectiations. “Consumers today do not distinguish between channels, or even brands vs. retailers, but they do have high demands of a seamless ...

Gain Competitive Advantage with Attribution: Predictions from Adobe Summit

A key takeaway from this year’s Adobe Summit is that if your business can capitalize on things that are out in the marketplace right now – sensors, mobile, social, wearables – you will be able to establish an immense competitive advantage ...
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