The Head to Toe View of the Customer

We know about the 360-degree view of the customer: a unified account of interactions across digital and physical touchpoints. Omnichannel Nirvana. But when it comes to in-store analytics, the head-to-toe view of the customer may be what’s next in ...

4 Ways to Improve Order Tracking Usability

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, ecommerce marketers are concerned with optimizing everything from checkout processes to product pages to paid search campaigns. But don’t forget the “little” things — WISMO (Where Is My ...

Voice of the Customer: The Case For Telephone Customer Interviews

Harnessing the “voice of the customer” is very important in refining and shaping your business – from web usability, product features and functionalities, product offering, customer service and marketing campaigns. There certainly is value in ...

10 Tips for Customer Self-Serve

Customer self-service doesn’t just save your organization money. 2 out of 3 customers prefer self service to speaking with a live representative (Nuance Research). 75 percent believe it’s more convenient to self-serve, versus 6 percent that ...

Are You Giving Customers First World Problems?

A dear friend of mine left the comforts of Canada a few years ago to take up life on African soil, and I enjoy following her adventures and experiences through her blog. One of her posts titled Finally Some Good Customer Service? got me thinking about ...
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