Optimizing Email Through The Customer Journey [Infographic]

This week’s infographic looks at email marketing optimization, courtesy of Easy SMTP. Click to enlarge infographic Tweetable stats Including an offer in email can double revenue per click Tweet this Vague subject lines reduce email open rates ...

Cart Abandonment is Rising: 5 Tips For Cart Recovery

According to the e-tailing group’s 2014 Annual Merchant Survey, the trend is towards higher reported cart abandonment behavior compared to 2013. It’s roughly 50/50 split among the 100 retailers studied who enjoy sub-50% abandonment rate and ...

3 Things CMOs Should Know About Anti-Spam Email Legislation

The July 1 deadline for CASL, Canada’s new anti-spam e-mail legislation has come and gone. If you’re not familiar with CASL, the legislation requires re-opt in for any Canadian email subscriber on a commercial mailing list. (This applies to any business, ...

Email vs. Facebook: Which Is More Valuable to Marketers?

I’ll answer the title’s question quickly. It’s email. Why? I’ll explain in a moment. But the truth is, there’s marketing value in email and Facebook (and insert-social-network-here). Just not the same value. I can cite research ...

13 Ways to Improve Email Unsubscribe

No email marketer wants subscribers to jump ship, but the reality is, it happens. Whether it’s an attempt to clear the inbox of clutter, a change in delivery preference from email to social updates, a change of lifestyle or purchase intent, or ...
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