Email vs. Facebook: Which Is More Valuable to Marketers?

I’ll answer the title’s question quickly. It’s email. Why? I’ll explain in a moment. But the truth is, there’s marketing value in email and Facebook (and insert-social-network-here). Just not the same value. I can cite research ...

13 Ways to Improve Email Unsubscribe

No email marketer wants subscribers to jump ship, but the reality is, it happens. Whether it’s an attempt to clear the inbox of clutter, a change in delivery preference from email to social updates, a change of lifestyle or purchase intent, or ...

3 Creative Ways to Get More Email Opt-Ins

Email opt-in lists are highly valuable to online marketers, but too often are resigned to header or footer menus — out of sight and out of mind. The following 3 examples are creative ways to give email sign up more attention. Gamification Sephora’s ...

24 Tips for Responsive Email Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is hot, hot, hot, and gaining steam among ecommerce websites. But not to be overlooked is responsive email design (RED). As we learned from last week’s infographic, 43% of email is currently opened on mobile devices, headed ...

Why Responsive Email Matters [Infographic]

While we all get hyped up about responsive design for websites, let’s not forget responsive email. EmailMonks has compiled some data on how and when mobile users check email on their devices (via SmartInsights). With only 25% of companies observed ...
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