Commerce in the Age of Innovation: The Necessity of Cohesive Requirements Gathering

As new touchpoints and degrees of context continue to rise, one trend is clear in this new economy — things are looking good for the Chief Marketing Officer. As Samuel Greengard, Contributing Writer to writes: Digital marketing consumes ...
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Ecommerce Links: April 2014

It’s that time again … here are our choice cuts for content from the month of April. When NOT to A/B Test Your Mobile App outlines 4 scenarios when you can skip testing and just implement a change in your app. Did you know the average click ...

5 Places to Hide Easter Eggs in Ecommerce Marketing

Originating as inside-jokes in video games, TVs and movies, some digital marketers have also used Easter eggs to crack up customers. For the last 2 years, we’ve run Easter features on Easter eggs in ecommerce marketing: How Easter Eggs Can Beef Up Your ...

Gain Competitive Advantage with Attribution: Predictions from Adobe Summit

A key takeaway from this year’s Adobe Summit is that if your business can capitalize on things that are out in the marketplace right now – sensors, mobile, social, wearables – you will be able to establish an immense competitive advantage ...

Profile of A Chief Marketing Officer [Infographic]

This week’s infographic comes from and breaks down the details of the average Chief Marketing Officer in the United States.
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