Cross-Channel Personalization [Infographic]

To continue our personalization theme this week, check out this infographic discovered via Retail Touchpoints on cross-channel personalization. Wanna see this super-sized? Click to zoom Tweetables 73% of customers prefer personalized shopping experiences ...

Personalization Through Customer Self-Segmentation

You don’t know because you haven’t asked. This is true in many situations in life — and also in personalizing the customer experience. Last post, we discussed why personalization is often so difficult because we simply don’t know ...

Omnichannel Commerce: Inside In-Store Tech

No longer is the physical channel a distinct entity from digital – smartphones and in-store technology such as interactive signage, beacons, wearable tech and other sensor-based technologies are bringing Web content to the retail experience. According ...

Beyond Push Notifications: What Can Beacons Do For Retail?

The obvious application of beacon technology is to push content – be it welcome greetings, discounts and special offers, product information, branded content or other alerts. What else can beacons offer in-store? Based on the research in Forrester Research, ...

What Customers Think About In-Store Tracking [Infographic]

Will iBeacon and other in-store mobile technologies win favor with consumers? Not if the perception of privacy invasion persists. 77% of consumers surveyed by Opinionlab believe in-store tracking is generally unacceptable, and only 38% are open to their ...
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