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How Bounce Rate Optimization Can Improve Your Search Rankings

Straight from Google’s Quality Guidelines comes the mantra for the white-hat SEO community: “Build your site for users, not search engines.” And Google means it. The search giant disclosed its latest algorithm update includes page layout ...
Google Plus

Why Google+ Matters to Ecommerce + 9 Things You Should Do About It

If you frequent tech and marketing blogs, by now you’ve heard about Google’s latest major change to search – Search Plus Your World (or SPYW, possibly pronounced as “spew”). Google now offers a “personal results” option for logged-in Google ...

Guide to Link Building for Ecommerce

Link building is critical to SEO, but tougher for commercial sites than for blogs and other content sites. Not only is it difficult to attract links directly to product pages, product pages can disappear when products sell out – along with their ...

Behavioral Targeting: A Guide To Remarketing Strategy

As discussed on Get Elastic last week, behavioral targeting is the new wave of online advertising. A form of behavioral targeting called “remarketing” is close cousin to paid search and email marketing, with the bonus of only reaching people ...

Social Link Building: The Latest Fashion in SEO

Back links have always been an important part of SEO, but the type of links that influence search engine rankings have changed over the years. Links from topically relevant and authoritative sites serve as signals of quality for the content they point ...
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