How Page Load Speed Affects Conversion [Infographic]

This week’s infographic hones in on the need for speed – highlighting the ups and downs of conversion based on page load time, courtesy of Web Performance Today. Subscribers – can’t see image? View this post on the Web Tweetables For ...

4 Big Ways Big Data Will Transform Ecommerce

Among other creepy things Facebook knows about you, the beloved social network can predict when you’re relationship status is about to change from single to…not single. Based on heaps of data from 2010-2013, it recognized a pattern that timeline ...

TTFB and TTI: 2 KPIs More Important Than Page Load Speed

Do you think page load speed is your target performance KPI? Think again. I want to introduce you to 2 metrics you may not have heard of, but influence both SEO and site conversion. TTFB: Time to First Byte This metric measures the time it takes for a ...

How To Succeed at Responsive Design Without Really Trying

Last post we examined the pros and cons of responsive design for ecommerce. One of the biggest hindrances for websites embracing responsive is the time and effort it takes to get it done, and the risk of the unknown ROI the project carries. While a full ...

The Pros and Cons of Responsive Design for Ecommerce

Responsive design is not just a fad, it’s a real response to the need for websites to serve users across devices in an efficient and scalable way. But it’s been relatively slow to catch on with ecommerce — with only 2% of the IR500 using ...
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