Mobile Menus: Hold the Hamburger?

Whether you call it the “hamburger,” “sandwich,” “hot dog,” “list icon” (or as I like to call it, the “Adidas”), that little 3-bar thing denoting mobile menus are growing in adoption. But we’re ...

4 Ways to Make Site Search More Contextual

Ecommerce site search is a critical touchpoint in a customer’s purchase journey. Those who use search have something specific in mind, and a failure of your site search tool to deliver the most relevant results in a user-friendly way can make or ...

The Pros and Cons of Parallax Scrolling for Ecommerce

A groovy design trend you may have spotted in your Web travels is parallax scrolling, which refers to design elements appearing to move independently of each other. Its early application was in video games — think how Super Mario stayed relatively ...

Cross-Platform Design Testing Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

Web designers mourn the good ol’ days when you only had to test a website’s compatibility in IE, Firefox and Safari across a small set of screen resolutions. Today, users are hitting your site from an overwhelming number of OS, browsers and ...

Eye Tracking 101: How Your Eyes Move on Websites [Infographic]

Design trends and best practices may change, but the way we instinctively scan a page has not. The “F-pattern” still dominates eye-tracking studies, and optimal design takes this into consideration. Our first infographic of the year is courtesy ...
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