3 Ways to Dip Your Toe In Responsive Design

As one of the pilot brands in the launch of the Pinterest API, Random House has launched a Pinterest-powered book discovery tool as a responsive microsite. You can see how it scales down at various breakpoints: As we’ve mentioned before, if ...

What Part of A Web Page Gets the Most Attention? [Infographic]

Chartbeat unveiled findings this week on where Web users’ attention falls on publisher pages — it’s not the top of the page, but the space just above the fold that gets the most eyeball action. While this has direct application for advertising, ...

10 Responsive Design Questions Answered

In last week’s webinar The Truth About Responsive Design

14 Design Trends of Top Ecommerce Checkouts [Infographic]

If you’ve been following Get Elastic from its earliest days you may remember our Ecommerce Checkout Report, which examined the checkout tactics of the Internet Retailer 100 (back in 2007!). This week’s infographic is reminiscent of that report, ...

7 Deadly Site Search Sins

Revenue per visitor is greatly affected by your site search usability and precision. Are you making any of these mistakes? 1. Ignoring mobile So you optimized search for your website already? How does it look on mobile? Ensure your pagination uses enough ...
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