Checkout Survey [Infographic]

This week’s ‘Fographic Friday comes from‘s survey of 136 top US retailers in July 2012. The survey has followed checkout design for the past 3 years, and guess what — little has changed in terms of averages. “Checkout” the data:

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  • Only 9% of checkouts are 3-step vs 54% 4-step and 33% 5-step Tweet this
  • The avg # of form fields in a checkout process is 25 (max 33) Tweet this
  • 91% of retailers have 21-28 checkout form fields Tweet this
  • 84% of ecommerce sites support express checkout Tweet this
  • 66% of ecommerce sites offer guest checkout (34% DON’T!) Tweet this
  • 32.35% of checkouts use black asterisks for required fields vs 31.62% red Tweet this
  • RED is the most popular checkout button color (31%), GREEN 20%, BLUE 19% Tweet this


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6 Responses to “Checkout Survey [Infographic]”

  1. Kris says:

    Interesting! How come 1 page wasn’t surveyed??

    Also I think there is a typo in the first paragraph. It links to but the infographic is from And I think maybe the link was supposed to go to second link?

  2. Thanks for the feature, Linda! Glad folks are finding this information useful. If any questions come up, I’m happy to answer them here!

  3. Good And complete info, but i dont like red buttons for checkout.

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