Conversion Rate Optimization Survey [Infographic]

This week’s infographic comes from our friends at Econsultancy with data from its 4th Annual Conversion Rate Optimization Report, in conjunction with RedEye.


  • Average ecommerce conversion rate in 2012 is 3.8%, down 8.4% YOY Tweet this
  • For every $92 spend acquiring customers, only $1 is spent on conversion rate optimization Tweet this
  • 46% of online retailers use A/B testing in 2012, 30% usability testing, 17% MVT Tweet this
  • Only 29% of online retailers perform cart abandonment analysis Tweet this
  • Only 21% of online retailers use event-triggered emails Tweet this
  • 42% of online retailers perform copy optimization Tweet this
  • 40% of online retailers use customer surveys/customer feedback Tweet this
  • 27% of online retailers use competitive benchmarking Tweet this
  • MVT was rated by online retailers as most difficult but most effective CRO activity Tweet this

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5 Responses to “Conversion Rate Optimization Survey [Infographic]”

  1. Degree says:

    Love this infographic, although I am not sure if I agree with their #1 suggestion to improve conversion. I am sure offering a finial incentive will increase the overall number of conversions but I would think the quality of the conversions would drop sharply. I guess is all depend on what you are trying to obtain from a conversion. Either way, thanks for the post.

  2. Such a great infographic! It is very helpful in understanding conversion rates and how to improve website conversation which I think everybody should know.

  3. Awesome infographic. It really touches some of the more advanced conversion optimization tactics that many companies have not begun to implement at all. I also wholeheartedly agree with #1 about incentivizing conversion optimization with someone. This allows them to know that they’ll be rewarded for pushing the envelope and constantly improving the conversion rate. Even a jump from 3-4% will drastically alter a company’s bottom line.

  4. Anders says:

    Some free consultancy advice here: How to boost Conversion rate = lower your prices

  5. Good infographic – showing the need to focus on conversion volume and conversion value/ quality – however it is very web design SEO orientated. Completely missed is the essential need to retarget your qualified leads/visitors with relevent content, information or offers. Cookie retargeting only reaches about half of your web visitors after 24hrs due to cookie deletions. However we now have access to breakthrough cookieless device recognition technology (allows you to keep retargeting 95 – 99% of your web visitors and across multiple devices) combined with dynamic retargeting (feeds specific banners based on items each viitor has shown interest in)

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