Macys Product Pages Promote Customer Review Sweepstakes

Offering a chance to win a shopping spree is a great way to attract customer reviews without paying-for-production. Often this is done through email or on a post-purchase thank you page — but this is the first time I’ve spotted the incentive on a product page:

This screen shot is from Macy’s.

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6 Responses to “Macys Product Pages Promote Customer Review Sweepstakes”

  1. Perhaps most retailers are afraid that openly offering incentives for reviews will somehow “cheapen” the reviews, i.e. make them look “paid for”? (Even though there’s no qualification that the review must be positive.) recently offered a free pound of coffee for writing a review, but they didn’t promote it on their website.

  2. I just started collecting reviews after over 9 years of sales. I think reviews do influence some people but also helps describe the product benefits in ways I may not have thought of.

  3. Considering that 81 Percent of Online Holiday Shoppers Read Online Customer Reviews I can see why they want reviews on all of their product pages.

  4. Yes. Reviews is a good investment that will last a lifetime if managed well.

  5. al says:

    I will never understand offering incentive for a review. Reviews should be organic, honest, not fished for with a coupon percent off or some other monetary incentive. In my opinion. As a shopper, if I’m reading a review, that’s the type I want to read. One someone was compelled to give by the product or brand, not because the seller gave them a chance to win something for it. Honest advice and content by people for people.

  6. Susan says:

    Some odd patterns to the reviews on Macy’s. Lots of them are very recent (thanks to shopping spree carrot on product pages, no doubt), but one reviewer has one post on Dec. 12, then 239 posted between Jan. 19 and Jan. 30. That’s a lot of shopping. Stranger still, all of Chosen1′s reviews are sell copy–they aren’t reviews at all. Check out the Apple Bottoms Apple Pocket Slim Jean, then click on read all my reviews.

    I couldn’t find many reviews in women’s apparel that had less than 4 stars, most have 5. Well, if they bought an item in the store, that explains it, but how fortunate to have so many online customers who “Love It!” all.

    Some of the reviews are for the wrong product. Ok, some of our customers do that too. But I’ve never seen a review like this:

    “I initially paired this must have with the lauren kailyn jean. What a surprize to see it with a belted boho skirt and boots, and buttoned over a slip dress with brigthly colored tights and an onyx crystal necklace. Tne great fit is a natural buttoned or left open for a casual upgrade to any look. I love it!”

    Maybe Macy’s is just blessed with a high number of fashion industry-savvy customers whose everyday syntax includes phrases like “guaranteed to hide your problem areas for a perfect fit,” “this dress will take you from the office to a night on the town” and “you’ll turn heads day or night.”

    Or maybe I’m just jaded.

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