The Future of Commerce

We Need to Talk: Critical Commerce Conversations To Have Today With Your C-Suite

Consumer technology, and in particular mobile, has tipped the scales of power in the favor of consumers. Researchers are now calling this trend the “Age of the Consumer”. This has resulted in more and more organizations looking to implement ...

The Internet Ten Years Later [Infographic]

While 2012 is getting farther and farther behind us, 2002 is way gone. How has the Internet evolved in the last 10 years? This animaged infographic (view it on Mashable to see the moving parts full-size). What stands out from an ecommerce perspective ...
Amazon logo

Could Amazon’s Latest Patent Destroy The Media Industry?

A patent Amazon filed nearly 4 years ago has been awarded to the online retail behemoth which will no doubt have a major impact on consumers and publishers of digital content like ebooks, music, video, software and mobile apps. The broad patent applies ...

Digital Disruption’s Impact on Business [Infographic]

Digital disruption is transforming online business. Deloitte Digital has compiled a number of stats honing in on mobile and Facebook’s impact on digital business today. Click to enlarge Tweetable stats: The number of mobile-connected devices will ...
Blue cloud, a laptop, a tablet and a mobile phone

How Phonedeck and One Number are Disrupting Mobile

Mobile gaming, mobile banking, mobile commerce, mobile marketing…it seems everything we’ve ever done online is moving to the small screen. Mobile devices are outselling desktops and laptops. And there are more iPhones sold per second than ...
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