Ecommerce Links: February 2013

February may be the shortest month, but we weren’t short on great blog posts from around the web. Here are 10 you shouldn’t miss.

  • I’ll tell you something Germans don’t like — ecommerce cartels. German anti-trust officials are calling for looser restrictions on Amazon Marketplace pricing, which currently demand sellers not sell through any channels at lower pricing than the ‘Zon. Should other countries follow suit, that could take a big chunk out of Amazon’s long tail.
  • Mobile devices are getting really mobile – like automobile. Could Kindle be coming to your car?
  • Do you carry products with various URLs for its attributes (color, model, size, version) and are worried about duplicate content? Adam Audette shares some tips on SEO for product variations (video below):

  • Pagination is another usability and SEO concern, check out UX Movement’s post Avoid the pains of pagination (including advice whether or not you should use infinite scrolling).

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