Customer Feedback Inspires Eddie Bauer Redesign

Eddie Bauer recently revamped its online store design using customer feedback. At first glance, it’s hard to see much difference other than the doesn’t look like much has really changed. But when you look under the hood, you find Eddie Bauer’s packed its new site with plenty of Web 2.0 to improve usability and customer satisfaction.


Old Eddie Bauer Design


New Eddie Bauer Design

The Changes

Larger Product Images

Eddie Bauer now shows images 25% larger in category pages, so customers can see more detail without clicking on the product to get a better view. Rolling your mouse over some images will show alternate views.

Old Image Size

Old Category Page Images

New Image Size

New Category Images

Some products show available colors when you mouse over, this feature is carried over from the previous design.

Colors Offered


Alternate Views on Mouse Over

Expanded Navigation Menu

Categorization didn’t change, but expanded menus appear clearly at the top of the screen, and stay “open” as you jump from link to link.

New Navigation

The only thing I find strange is how it doubles up on navigation in some areas – for example, in the clearance section, the navigation is repeated across the top, and the side.

AJAX Product View

From the category page, you can click on any product to view the details in a mini-screen, and view more product info by mousing over the orange squares on the right (garment care, materials and fit). Eddie Bauer calls this “virtually picking up” an item, and “putting it down” to continue browsing that category.

Virtual Pick Up

Old Product Page Layout

Inventory Display

See an item’s size and color availability before adding it to your shopping bag. If the item is a pre-order, it shoes clearly when it is expected to ship.


This is fantastic. Unfortunately the clearance section (where this would be most useful) doesn’t have this feature.

Clearance Section - No Inventory Info

Adding Products To Shopping Bag

Eddie Bauer’s “Add to Shopping Bag” confirmation gives full details of which item, size and color was added, the price, availability (in stock), cross-sells and links to check out, continue shopping or add a gift box. Trust me, I’ve looked at hundreds of “add to cart” confirmation methods, and I really dig this one.

Add to Shopping Bag

Shopping Bag Layout

The revamped cart page has larger product thumbnails, tax and shipping calculations and holds items in your cart for weeks, so if you abandon your cart, you don’t have to start over (a.k.a. “persistent shopping cart”.)

Shopping Bag Layout

What do you think of the new design?

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7 Responses to “Customer Feedback Inspires Eddie Bauer Redesign”

  1. Cacasodo says:

    Nice post, Linda. We’re thinking about doing a redesign and this is helpful information.

  2. Martin says:

    Hmmm, I can’t seem to see these changes..Maybe they have reverted back as there were some problems with the new design?

  3. Hi Martin,

    I’m sorry, here is the link to the new design:

    For now, I expect it to change over later. I should have included these links in the post, I will make an edit now.

  4. While I found every enhancement to be bang-on, I love the shopping bag layout and the in-browser product viewing, both really add to the whole experience.

  5. Caitlin says:

    Great post! I’m currently studying public relations at Southern Methodist University and Eddie Bauer’s Web site makeover definitely serves as a nice case study for what we’re seeing as an overall trend- retailers trying to bridge the gap between in-store and online sales.

    What are your thoughts on retailers adding blogs to their sites? I just posted on this topic – – in relation to Nordstrom’s new blog.

    With companies like Eddie Bauer obviously interested in updating their online presence, I’m curious as to what’s holding them back from adding a blog. Thoughts?

  6. Hi Lena,
    It would be nice for retailers, when asking for feedback on the site, to acknowledge they received your suggestion – even if they don’t take action on it. Even an autoresponder would be better than nothing!

  7. robert says:

    My experiences with the new site??
    The first time I tried to place an order and tried to check out, the properly billing address was listed but it was shipping to someone in Idaho.
    I reviewed my shipping and charges records, then contacted the company about it. The company responded and made me feel it wasn’t a great deal about which to be concerned.
    On Sunday I tried to place the order again, but the web site will not recongize my log in. All I get is a two page long error message regarding the problems with my log in.
    I contacted the company about this and was given a complete run around. A few apologetic e-mails, then nothing.
    The interesting thing to this was a clerk in the local store, when I mentioned the problems with the web site, who mysteriously said “Oh never shop the website” then refused to explain what she meant.

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