Visual Search: Zappos Explores a New Way to Browse

The world’s favorite shoe e-tailer just kicked its user experience up a notch with a new way to navigate its massive inventory.

Click on any product in and you will see products arrange themselves by their similarity to what you select. You can also filter by color, price range, percent off or search by brand or keyword.

Screenshots alone won’t give you the full picture. Check out in action:

This is a very nice feature in terms of innovation and wow-factor. It’s not as advanced as’s search by detail, pattern and shape, but it’s certainly a fun way to discover, and it will be interesting to see what Zappos customers have to say about it.

There’s already some lively chatter happening on Twitter.

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11 Responses to “Visual Search: Zappos Explores a New Way to Browse”

  1. Love it. It brings to life the concept from the commercial.

    Visual search makes so much sense online, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of it. Hopefully we will.

  2. I wonder how they have tagged each product. Probably just added a style tag for each look and feel.

  3. Travis says:

    Features like this are just novelty. Real shoppers don’t actually use them. In fact they are just confused by them.

    Is it cool? Very, but in my opinion its a waste of time.

  4. This looks pretty interesting, I imagine it took a bunch of programmers a while to get this going.

    Nice touch.

  5. I love this site. More shoe companies should adopt their features.

  6. Very neat idea. I also liked the winnowing tool on this site. As you refine your search by price range, discount level, color, etc., it gives you a running total of how many products match all your criteria.

  7. Ezekiel says:

    Yeah that’s pretty cool! It makes Zappos stand out from the rest.

  8. casey says:

    Lots of visual search engines haven’t worked that well, or haven’t been closely connected enough to a retailer that I trust. If the tool is good, I’ll certainly use it at Zappos because their word search tool doesn’t always capture all the shoes that fall into the correct categories.

  9. Wow, Zappos makes money while other shoe companies loose. Very pretty finding!

  10. Anna says:

    This is a very clever feature but as a shoe shopper, it would frustrate me. When im looking for shoes I like to know that im not missing out on any, Im also open to considering styles that i wouldn’t normally go for. I start by selecting a category of shoe and then painstakingly look though each and every image. I never sway from this kind of search and if a site doesn’t work in this way for me im likely to leave it. I do think this search would work if you were searching for something definite like say tiles, wall paper or bricks that you already have a theme for but even then the customer can’t be sure they have seen everything on offer and that can be frustrating.

  11. zappos is a great site, love it.

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