Get Your E-Store Reviewed on Facebook

Facebook ReviewsFacebook recenly released a guidebook for businesses titled: Facebook Insider’s Guide to Viral Marketing. Don’t get too excited about the title, just because you set up a Fan Page for your business and buy a few social ads does not mean you’ll unleash a profit-virus, or even make a ripple in the pond. But the guide does help you understand what Facebook has made available for you and how to get a Page all set up.

Considering the price (free) it certainly isn’t a bad idea to put one up. Especially since any of your fans can set up a page on your behalf without anyone knowing it wasn’t you, so it’s a good idea to be the first out of the gate so there’s no confusion and you can control your introductory message and the way your Page functions yourself. Other users of Facebook could still set up unauthorized Pages, but at least the early fans won’t be usurped by the unofficial Page.

Get Reviewed on Facebook

Unlike Facebook Groups and Sponsored Groups, Facebook Pages are like people — they can add applications. One application that is useful for online retailers and other businesses is Reviews. Reviews can only be added to Pages, not individual profiles, so you won’t find it in your regular applications search, but you can view the application page through the link.

Zappos and NewEgg are two e-tailers who have won the hearts of loyal customers through their commitment to customer service, and it shows. Both retailers have earned shining reviews of their businesses on their own Facebook Pages, which *may* appear in search engine results. (NewEgg’s Fan Page does not appear in search engines because it hasn’t been indexed as of today. Perhaps the link from Get Elastic will help it get crawled.)


NewEgg Facebook Reviews


Zappos Facebook Review

Zappos also uses TwitterSync to pull updates from its Twitter account. CEO Tony Hsieh explains why Zappos is using Twitter.

Attracting the Fans

I haven’t seen this used yet, but a great way to encourage people to join your Facebook Page is to include a call-out somewhere in your email campaigns, post-purchase thank you pages and even right on your website or blog. Of course, you can also experiment with Facebook’s Social Ads to get the ball rolling.

Once you have fans, it’s like having an additional opt-in list that you can send Page updates to. Similar to emails through Facebook groups, your fans will be notified of new events or other updates through their Notifications feed. Just remember signal vs. noise – you’ll lose Fans if you send out too many updates with little value.

Are you brave enough to add customer reviews to your Facebook Page?

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5 Responses to “Get Your E-Store Reviewed on Facebook”

  1. Satya says:

    Thanks for the great idea!


  2. Thanks for the insight. FaceBook pages for online stores is one of a few tips for capitalizing on the noise of FaceBook. Your tip should help turn that noise into music!

    Thanks for helping us see the value and for sharing the Zappos Twitter tutorial.

  3. Thank you for sharing this information with us. I will personally read the tutorial right now to get up a facebook page for my business. I would have never thought of this myself without reading your post. Thanks again! :)

  4. When it comes to social media for ecommerce sites – what helps, what isn’t worth the time? Digg seems to be more trouble than it’s worth. Facebook is great if college kids and young adults are your market, but is it worthwhile otherwise? I haven’t yet used it for business purposes, either for ourselves or for customers.

  5. Depends on your target market. The average college student is most likely not prowling around facebook looking to find the zappos page. They are playing games like drug wars and entertaining their minds, so you must appeal to what gets their attention. Social media attention should also be to some degree natural, and not forced.

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