Find Most Profitable Keywords With Google Analytics Motion Charts

Motion Charts is a new visual tool from Google Analytics that launched today and will be rolled out across Google Analytics accounts over the next couple of weeks. Until you get access, here’s a preview:

May help in your decision which keywords to keep and to kill in pay-per-click without pouring over pages of numbers. Or show you which terms to focus on for SEO.


But before you pull the trigger on a PPC keyword, you might want to give this a read.

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2 Responses to “Find Most Profitable Keywords With Google Analytics Motion Charts”

  1. Motion charts? Very lucrative. You can also use Google Adwords keyword research tool, as well as review your top searches in webmaster tools. Webmaster tools will tell you what searches you have been found in, even if the user never made it to your site.

  2. It is really nice feature. It allows you to analyse data in 5 dimensions. Really useful for advanced analyses.

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