Ecommerce SEO: How To Plug Free Shipping Traffic Leaks

To follow up from yesterday’s post on why you should include “free shipping” in your title tags and meta descriptions (only if you offer it, of course) — today I’m going to demonstrate why you should create a unique page optimized for your “brand name + free shipping.”

We mentioned yesterday that people search for “free shipping.” There’s no doubt.

And people search for products with “free shipping” as a modifier.

Guess what else they search on? Your store name plus free shipping. And who ranks? Often affiliates, deals and coupon sites.

Check out the related searches suggested by Google when you search for “free shipping.”

Let’s click on “free shipping JC Penney”:

Now, JC Penney needs a page optimized for “free shipping” so it would rank #1. Of course, JC Penney doesn’t need to offer free shipping all the time to have its own dedicated page. The page just needs to exist, all the time, as a landing page for “free shipping jc penney” traffic.

These searchers are going to find the coupons one way or the other, so why not have a landing page (perhaps a sub-section of customer service) that shows which products qualify for free shipping at any given moment, and has a link to an RSS feed for future free shipping offers, or an email sign-up link? Then you can even segment these cheapo-s out into their own bucket in your email campaigns (I’m kidding, but I’m not kidding).

And don’t forget keywords in the title tag: “JC Penney Free Shipping Offers.”

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12 Responses to “Ecommerce SEO: How To Plug Free Shipping Traffic Leaks”

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  2. Eric says:

    Wow. This is one of those ideas that is so obvious in hindsight. Great and simple step! I’d add ” coupon” to the plan.

  3. Eric says:

    edit: that should read “your site coupon” … it thought I was using an HTML tag and stripped it out.

  4. Ken says:

    I think that this post makes a great point. Often you will see sites utilizing ‘free shipping’ within their PPC campaigns while the same site is missing opportunities to drive traffic with this term organically.

  5. BL Ochman says:

    very helpful post. Blogger outreach can be dicey and requires a very light touch. We can be a snarky bunch and if you hit us wrong, we may use your pitch in a post about bad pitches. I’ve certainly done that, and there’s a whole blog devoted to bad pitches.

    my advice on blogger outreach – make sure you personalize the pitch, know the content of the blog, whether they ever review products. and please, please, don’t say “dear blogger”

  6. Nice, simple approach to a keyword most sites probably miss. We’ve already added free shipping to our title and description tags (on the retail website we manage) – free shipping page will go up today. Thanks Linda!

  7. Cool, let me know how that goes :)

  8. Nice post here, I read it very carefully really its very helpful for me thanks for the post..

  9. What is a good way to do this if some items qualify for free shipping and other don’t? Such as free shipping over $100?

  10. @Dog,

    It doesn’t matter what your shipping conditions are, the key is to have a landing page for search engines. You can elaborate about policies on that page.

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