Yes Virginia There Is a Santa Claus & He Searches for Free Shipping

To kick off our series on holiday SEO tips for online retailers, here’s a tip for retailers who offer free shipping on one or more products during the holidays. (My apologies to those who don’t offer free shipping, but bookmark this anyway – you may offer it down the road!)

Free shipping offers consistently top surveys of what customers want from online stores. And people do search for “free shipping,” and most often in November / December – as you would expect.

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8 Responses to “Yes Virginia There Is a Santa Claus & He Searches for Free Shipping”

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  2. jamie says:

    great headline, better article, glad I’ve subscribed to your posts..

  3. [...] This will also improve click through for searches without “free shipping” as we discussed yesterday. [...]

  4. Adding “free shipping” to your GoogleBase feed is probably also a good idea (which you kinda covered with the PPC postscript). Thanks also for the links to the free shipping sites.

  5. Comparing “free shipping” to your target keyword in google trends may return some interesting results. For example, “free shipping” compared to one of the largest keywords for my personal site shows that “free shipping” is MUCH more popular than the keyword we’ve chased (and succeeded in ranking #2 for).

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  7. [...] Zappos used to include its value proposition in its title tag and meta description tags. As I blogged about back in August), this can help achieve higher click through on your listing than search results above [...]

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