From Pinterest to Purchase [Infographic]

Earlier this week, we mentioned a study by Vision Critical that asked 500 Pinterest users how they use it and how it influences purchase decisions.

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  • 12% of Pinterest users have purchased something they’ve pinned online Tweet this
  • 16% of Pinterest users have purchased something they’ve pinned OFFline Tweet this
  • 1 in 5 Pinterest users are buying items they have pinned Tweet this
  • 61% of Pinterest users signed up in 2012 Tweet this
  • ‘Older’ Pinterest users (joined before 2012) purchase more pinned items than newer members Tweet this
  • 3/4 Pinterest users plan to use Pinterest for the foreseeable future Tweet this

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4 Responses to “From Pinterest to Purchase [Infographic]”

  1. kim says:

    At last someone saw through the smokescreen.

    It is true that pinterest is getting bigger and bigger and so are the sales made through them.

    It is a well know fact that visuals sells a lot better than text, and the proof is Pinterest.

    Also most people are getting fed up with facebook and other social media, because they are being swamped with spam on their profiles.

  2. Sasha says:

    Very cool stats! I’m interested to see what kind of effect some of these new e-commerce platforms for Pinterest will have on those numbers. If people can make purchases directly from Pinterest, the power of the site for retailers could be huge. Could be the future of social commerce!

  3. Great infographic! I don’t think anyone thought that Pinterest would snowball into to social media behemoth that it’s become. Who knew that it would become such a prominent player in driving online sales? I’ll admit, I was 100% skeptical.

  4. Samuel says:

    Good article. Like Pinterest, especially the fact that it became a good social media

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