Crazy Ecommerce Videos Keep on Rolling with Zero Reults Found

Just when you think we’ve wrung all the humor out of ecommerce with the Crazy Messed up World of Ecommerce series, out comes video number 4, “Zero Results Found” in which the nattily-attired heroine attempts to buy some tasty apples and is caught between the paradox of non-choice and the abundance of nonsensical results – or something like that. Watch it here or via YouTube or MetaCafe – your choice.

Video #4 – Zero Results Found

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5 Responses to “Crazy Ecommerce Videos Keep on Rolling with Zero Reults Found”

  1. Christine says:

    Are there any good books that focus on internal search (particularly for retailers)? I am trying to optimize ours, but I’m looking for some extra guidance…

  2. You could try Search Marketing Inc.
    There’s a chapter on internal site search that might help you.

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