Getting Digital With Physical Goods

I recently spotted a (relatively small) ecommerce website that cross-sells mobile applications with its physical goods, and even sells bundled products with soft and hard goods.



Could this be a trend that picks up with the bigger sites this year? Think of the potential for application developers to team up with traditional e-tailers (in an affiliate relationship) for all sorts of industries – like travel, music, books, fitness/lifestyle, software, home improvement…

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3 Responses to “Getting Digital With Physical Goods”

  1. Nermin says:

    this could be a great tool, i hope it will not get abused to a point that consumers will start ignoring it. amazon does great job at matching and recommending other products, will be interesting to see if they will jump on board of this upcoming feature.

  2. Well spotted. This is an obvious extension for e-tailers as it is pure profits, with can really boost the margin on a sale with physical goods..
    The best example of this implemented is probably in the computer hardware industry where computer manufactures (e.g. Dell) often try to cross-sell related software (office packages, antivirus and so on).

  3. Heather says:

    Sometimes when websites suggest things that are simmilar or that other customers have bought I do usually look to see what they suggest.

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