Global Mobile Commerce Trends [Infographic]

This week’s infographic looks at global trends in mobile commerce for smartphones and tablets. Mobify analyzed 200 million visitors to mobile commerce sites.

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Not surprising, China and India lead the charge in use of mobile devices, but I expected Japan and South Korea to be up there.

Tweetable stats:

  • Australian mobile traffic to #ecommerce sites (47%) trumps the US + UK (31% each) Tweet this
  • 27% of traffic to #ecommerce sites come from mobile devices, global avg Tweet this
  • 82% of Russia’s mobile traffic to #ecommerce sites is from Apple devices vs 56% in the US Tweet this
  • *Only* 56% of US mobile traffic to #ecommerce sites comes from Apple devices Tweet this
  • 46% of Chinese online shoppers use smartphones to purchase vs 15% in the US, 14% in UK Tweet this
  • 41% of Chinese online shoppers use tablets to purchase vs. 9% in US, 6% in UK Tweet this
  • France and Japan have the lowest number of mobile shoppers Tweet this
  • China and India have the highest rates of mobile shoppers (smartphones and tablets) Tweet this


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3 Responses to “Global Mobile Commerce Trends [Infographic]”

  1. Does tablets are counted towards mobile devices/traffic?

    As in if they’re, this inflates numbers significantly. In my opinion, true mobile traffic comes from mobile phone users, not tablets as essentially tablet is same PC, will full feature browsers tc.

    • I believe it includes tablets, yes.

      • Don’t you agree that it inflates these numbers?

        As most people use tablets, especially iPads @ home, using Wi Fi. They have pretty large screens and full browser compatibility.

        It’s not mobile in my opinion.

        Always when I see such reports and data I try to imagine all those people trying to work things out using their smart phone. For shopping it’s def. not best way to go!

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