How will wearable technologies such as Google Glass transform ecommerce? Is Google Glass even a device that people want to use for online shopping? Explore the world of “contextual commerce” where Google Glass, smart watches, Nest thermostats, connected earpieces, smart shoes and clothing and even digital contact lenses with Get Elastic. Keep up to date with the latest developments including Glass apps built by ecommerce brands. Subscribe by email, RSS, Twitter or Facebook.

7 Wearables from CES and Their Impact on Ecommerce

Move over Google Glass, the arms (and ears, and neck, and head) race is on for wearable tech. Some will take off, others will flop. Which wearables will make their mark on ecommerce? Pebble Steel The appeal of smartwatches is they make checking app notifications ...

Celebrating The Age of Context with Robert Scoble and Shel Israel’s Book Launch

The official book launch for Robert Scoble and Shel Israel’s Age of Context is coming up soon. November 7th marks the date and it’s already sold out event. However we at Elastic Path have one special door ticket to give away. You will have to make ...

5 Google Glass Apps Worth Watching

Google Glass is believed to officially hit the market sometime this year, and today, only tech insiders and BFFs of a Glass Explorer and $1500 to burn even have a shot of owning a pair of Google Glass. But developers are already getting Glassware happy ...
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