Holiday Tablet Commerce Post-Mortem [Infographic]

This week’s infographic is courtesy of ShopPad, looking at some stats on tablet shopping behavior over the holiday season.

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  • Tablet conversions were highest on evenings and weekends – not surprising considering tablet usage is typically done at home, weekday desktop shopping may happen while one is at work
  • Tablet shopping’s peak was Saturday, December 8, two days before Green Monday
  • Thanksgiving Day was also a popular day for tablet shopping
  • Average time-on-site was ~13 minutes
  • Average order value was $95.75, conversion rate 3.7% (higher than desktop)
  • 66% of iPad shoppers run iOS6
  • New York is the top state in the US for tablet shopping


  • People are converting on tablets. They tend to spend more as a segment than desktop users, but iPad owners also fall into a different demographic than the average Internet user.
  • Tablet users tend to surf during non-business hours. Consider this when planning email campaigns. If you can identify customers who converted on tablets, you can segment them into a campaign that targets evenings and weekends rather than lunch hours and early weekday mornings.
  • Social networks drive traffic to ecommerce sites. If social is a key part of your online marketing strategy, ensure your site is tablet friendly (e.g. responsive design).

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4 Responses to “Holiday Tablet Commerce Post-Mortem [Infographic]”

  1. Interesting infographic.

    One minor concern is your assertion that the tablet “conversion rate 3.7% [is] (higher than desktop).” I’ve seen this stat repeated elsewhere, and since we are not seeing this I thought that I should raise a note of caution before we get carried away on tablet euphoria!

    We track conversion rates on all devices, not just tablets. While tablet conversions are significantly higher than smartphone conversions, at no point (even in the evenings) do tablet conversion rates currently exceed desktops, though they do get close.

    One thing you can be sure of is that stats won’t agree, especially when it comes to conversion rates, because different stats are calculated from different samples of merchants. However, unless Shop Pad has data from the same merchants for their conversion rates on desktop devices as well, it may be a leap too far to conclude that the tablet conversion rate is higher than desktops.

    Apologies for being nit picky!


    • No apologies, Charles, thank you for sharing your own findings. The stat was provided to me by ShopPad, perhaps within their data set at that period of time it was higher, we’ll see if they can weigh in here and share their numbers.

    • Charles – The data in our infographic was taken from thousands of stores across a wide range of industries, including apparel, consumer electronics, health and beauty, home goods, and jewelry. Because of the size and diversity of our sample, we’re able to paint a pretty accurate picture of the average tablet shopper during this snapshot in time (holiday 2012).

      I should also note that we are a tablet-optimization company. The fact that all of the stores in our dataset have have storefronts built specifically for the tablet should not be overlooked when comparing conversion rates.

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