How Consumers Respond to Bad Customer Service [Infographic]

We’re all aware of the importance of keeping customers happy. It costs significantly more to acquire a customer than keep one. This isn’t just about re-marketing to existing customers, but about delivering over-the-top service throughout the customer relationship.

Though the percentage of survey respondents who turn to social media to complain is less than who will complain to personal friends offline (52% vs 16%), the negative reports that make it to the Web have wider reaching and often permanent effects on your reputation. Considering more than 60% are influenced by what others have to say about a company online (whether they are personally acquainted or not), it’s important to optimize your service channel upstream to prevent the negative effects in social media.

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Image originally posted on Zengage, The Zendesk Blog

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2 Responses to “How Consumers Respond to Bad Customer Service [Infographic]”

  1. Bad customer service to just 1 person in the internet marketing industry can be even worse. While in London at an E-commerce conference I ended up using “Travel Republic” to make a hotel booking to see a new client in Milan, Italy. The experience ended up becoming a nightmare. I ended up taking the time to create an entire WordPress website that has received decent daily traffic since I put it up in October 2011. Just type in “travel republic reviews” in Google and you will see it.

    12 hours after I published it the VP of marketing called me to help correct the situation. You can read the whole story over there….. The ending is the best :)

  2. Andy says:

    Hi David,

    I loved your story about travel republic – glad you got your money back (and more!). I’ve felt for a while that their astronomical figure of 5-star reviews on the different review sites are questionable to say the least. You only need to look on their Facebook page to see their customer’s true opinions..

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