How Draw Something Drew 50 Million Users [Infographic]

I was soooo tempted to post another Pinterest infographic. But I spare you.

Instead, have a look at the rise of Draw Something, a little app from a company called OMGPOP that OMG, popped. Big time. 50 million downloads in as many days, without a second of downtime and sub-second latency to keep users smiling.

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Without social media, could a game have had such a quick rise to the top? Without mobile, would this have been a popular desktop game? You gotta love the age we live in.

Via @econsultancy

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2 Responses to “How Draw Something Drew 50 Million Users [Infographic]”

  1. Rich says:

    It’s incredible such a simple game has had so much success! I think the key to its success was the ability to play both against friends and random other players. Competition bring s a lot of purpose for someone to play the game.

  2. I jumped on the Draw Something band wagon pretty early and I think a lot of their success comes from the simplicity of the app as well as their many great updates. Right after I started playing I was wishing for a chat feature and within two weeks there was an effective chat feature. I like when traditional games become apps because they are a cultural product. We can all relate to playing Pictionary with our families at Thanksgiving and it brings up that nostalgia on our iPhones.

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