How We Use the Mobile Web [Infographic]

I’ve been coveting the infographics of my favorite blogs for some time now, and it’s high time we do one on Get Elastic!

Remixing data from the Nielsen’s Q1 2011 Mobile Connected Device Report, this infographic shows what percentage of device owners (tablets, e-readers and smartphones, respectively) use their gadget while doing [blank].

Why should online retailers care? The shortcoming of this data is there is no mobile shopping context – we don’t know if people are looking for products on their commute or playing angry birds. But what we can glean is smartphones still dominate most every category – tablet users are less likely to use their device “on the go” or when they’re “busy.” They’re more likely to be in a stationary, relaxed environment. (This is not surprising, since a smartphone is much easier to take on the go). Think about the user context when developing features for smartphone and mobile apps, respectively.

Second, this shows that consumers access the mobile web from anywhere. One’s time in front of a desktop or laptop computer is limited, but with connected mobile devices, it’s unlimited (even in the bathroom!) Consumers are more likely to be near a mobile device than a desktop, and if you say no to a mobile optimized experience, you say no to a lot of traffic and potential sales.

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6 Responses to “How We Use the Mobile Web [Infographic]”

  1. This infographic is really interesting. It shows that it is important to optimize websites for mobile devices, too.

  2. Duran seo says:

    this is absolutly terrifying! people more than ever plugged to their smartphone most of the day. i feel like we are really getting lost in this crzy technological world.

    as time passes people will get less in direct contact and more into smart devices and portable tablets.

    i think there must be a change in order to gain back some of the good old fashion way of life without the smartphones plugged into our veins 24/7…

  3. Amanda says:

    I guess it’s not so weird to watch movies on your iPhone in bed after all.

  4. Duran seo says:


    withe the terrible radiation issues, i recommend you keep your smartphone out of bed!

  5. Love the graphical representation. It is SO important for websites to recalibrate for easy consumption by these mobile devices.

  6. Ethan says:

    Great infographic! We might be slightly overusing it with friends though.

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