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With the holiday Christmas shopping officially underway, and many holiday shoppers using the internet to ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) – offering ship-to-store services to online customers is a competitive advantage to multi-channel retailers.

Here are some tips to ensure a satisfying online and offline experience of your ship-to-store service for your customers:

On-Site Messaging and Usability

Because ship-to-store is a key customer service, it needs to be communicated well throughout your site (to remind customers you offer it, and to inform first-time visitors about it, regardless of which “landing page” attracts the visitor — it might not be your home page).

Wal-Mart does a great job at branding its “Site-To-Store” service throughout the site, and even uses a unique icon for it – including it in the navigation header, search and category results and product pages:

Navigation / Header

Category Pages

Product Pages

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6 Responses to “Ship To Store Tips”

  1. Brad says:

    I had an experience recently where I purchased an item online from Sears for pick up at my local store. The process went well other than the following issues:
    - I never received an email order confirmation. Is this because it was an in store pick up? The site said I would get an order confirmation after checking out.
    - They had a nice feature of allowing you to input your cell # to receive an SMS message when your order was ready. However, I never got a text message.
    - Lastly, I don’t shop at Sears retail stores too often. So, I don’t know their hours off the top of my head. I placed my order around 9 or 10am. I got the family ready to go out and pick up my order… and get to Sears only to find that they don’t open until 11am. No biggie since I was there around 10:55am, but still, you would think that they could message in the store pick-up / availability copy the hours of the location you’re going to pick up from.

  2. Linda- You saved it for last, but I think you hid a phenomenal point in there:
    Offer a one-day-only incentive to buy more items than the pick-up order, e.g. 10% off

    Previous purchasers are a critical demographic, especially when you are pulling the online consumer to a bricks-and-mortar location. AND–I love that you make it time-limited. What a great way to upsell!

  3. In your article you focus on the ship-to-store sale. In my former job we cut out the send-part. Orders that where placed as a pick-up order where distributed to the store and handled there. The online store checked inventory before the order was placed, but in that way we where able to give the stores more sales (and thus avoiding channelconflicts) and we didn’t have to send products to the store which probably where already there. The store was responsible for customer communication. Any comment on that way of doing it? Its also worth mentioning that all the stores had more or less the exact same selection.

  4. We run specials all the time where a customer can place an order and receive extra options of incentives for picking up in person or ordering by a selected date. Our niche is custom baseball pins. Usually orders of 500 pins or more will get a customer 3 free pin trading bags to carry and display at their little league tournaments and events.

  5. [...] multichannel retailers like Sears have provided store finders, in store inventory lookup tools and pick up in store capabilities. All of these tools require the shopper to enter their zip code or city and select the [...]

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