Investing in Ecommerce in a Slow Economy

Earlier this year, Lauren Freedman of the e-tailing group teamed up with the Acquity Group to survey 24 merchants with questionnaires and in-depth interviews to put together a white paper and webinar called No Retreat! Investing in eCommerce Despite the Times.

The study set out to discover how multi-channel and pure play merchants are positioning themselves for growth while still addressing the bottom line during an economic slowdown and their challenges, asking hard-hitting questions like “Will you have the guts to make the necessary investments in the tough times?”

The webinar and white paper address topics like the Macro State of Retail, Defining and Driving Your Multi-Channel Strategy, Investing in eCommerce and Roadblocks to Success:

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You can download the companion white paper here.

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4 Responses to “Investing in Ecommerce in a Slow Economy”

  1. It’s a great time to build your ecommerce sites and market sites heavily. When the economy gets better, you’ll be on top!

  2. php cart says:

    I agree with this, right now online sales are going slower then before. However I do believe things will get back to normal pace soon and online sales will boost. A online business is the future because you basically have access to sell your product to the whole world instead of just locally in a store etc.

  3. Matt says:

    this is what we can read if you download the Aquity Group survey:

    “Pundits predict 2008 eCommerce sales will reach $158.3 billion, up from $136 billion in 2007 according to eMarketer where a 12 percent online sales average annual growth rate from 2007-2012 is anticipated. Consumer growth coming online is projected to be just 3.1 percent as 193 million US Internet users or about two-thirds of the population already frequent the web, which seemed almost unthinkable ten years ago.”

    Many good information are show over there.

  4. The slowdown can be quite hard for some businesses (like luxury products), but for some companies can be chance to catch more market share (companies caring about costs and profitability) and grow very fast when the economy will be better.

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