15 Ecommerce Resolutions for 2015: Part 1

To kick off the new year, we’ve got a 3-part series covering the 15 ecommerce resolutions for 2015 you need to make. Today’s post covers 1-5. Dig in! 1. Tune your performance It’s no secret that as websites add more cool features, pages ...
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Semantics: Optimizing for the New SEO

Search is continually changing, and if you’re relying on outdated SEO advice, you won’t be helping — and even may be hindering — your organic search performance. Advice that was once solid morphs into myth as Google updates its ...
Broken chain

Are Your Rankings Suffering from Bad Links?

Ethical link building for ecommerce sites requires hard work, creativity and a bit of good fortune. It’s tough to get quality backlinks to commercial sites, and many shops have wittingly or unwittingly (through contractors) engaged in spam or borderline ...
Four thin silver chains and a red link

Ecommerce News Digest: May 2012

May has brought a lot of news items we didn’t get a chance to cover on Get Elastic, so in lieu of our regular month-end ecommerce link list, here’s a summary of the top stories, with links to information you need to know. Facebook Updates Application ...
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14 Ways to Recruit 12 Types of Affiliates

As you may be aware, I recently attended the Affiliate Management Days conference in San Francisco. There were a number of fantastic sessions at the two-day show. Today’s post takes a deep dive into the most common “types” of affiliates ...
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