Keyword Ideas for Holiday PPC Campaigns

For you PPC rockstars, if you want to go after the long tail of gift finding search this holiday, you can build a massive keyword list using this keyword permutation tool, which will create just under 12,000 keyword phrases to bid on. Permutations are all the possible combinations of your first, second, third terms and so on.

Disclaimer: I’m just posting this to show you what’s possible, this is not a recommendation for your search campaign. You have to consider whether it’s worth your time to manage these keywords – setting bids, creating Ad Groups, selecting landing pages, writing ads etc. I almost want to say “for entertainment purposes only…”

How To Use The List

Copy and paste the keywords from the spreadsheet below and paste HOLIDAYS into List 1, GIFT TERMS into List 2 and RECIPIENTS into List 3. Don’t check off stemmings, and check off “Exact Match” before creating the keyword list.

Sure, some of these terms will be ridiculous – “kwanzaa gift idea for puppy” is likely a dog-keyword. It depends on your PPC strategy – some advertisers make a killing off massive lists of long-tail keywords with low click prices and low competition. Bidding on all these gift recipient keywords is just an idea, not a best practice. USE YOUR DISCRETION.

You can also just remove irrelevant keywords before you do your permutations.

Make sure your Ad Groups are well organized and each keyword points to an appropriate landing page – such as an optimized page in a gift finder.

The original embedded spreadsheet broke the blog sidebar, so here’s a link instead.

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7 Responses to “Keyword Ideas for Holiday PPC Campaigns”

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  2. charles says:

    Permutation of the same words does not help actually.

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  4. Charles I disagree. People are searching for so many different combinations of the same several keywords. Why would it not help to bid on all the different keyword phrases that people use? By finding all the low volume keywords, you can improve your ppc campaign a lot. You can use this strategy to develop a low cost ppc campaign or a high budget campaign that targets many relevant keywords.

  5. Hi Linda,

    Great article. I would love your suggestion on keywords I should target for the holidays. My website is an online fashion jewelry store.

    Thank you,
    Lisa Bloom

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